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Three keys to becoming the most successful real estate finance professional in your market. 

Craig Markhardt – September 15, 2016

Success in the mortgage industry could be fairly simple and easy, but most professionals either make it far too complicated or do not know the basics of sales.   There are three keys to optimizing performance and standing out against your peers in the office or the market you are in.  These are completely independent on demographics, economic conditions, or even interest rates.

Three keys to success are as follows:

  1. Know and use the Cycle of Selling.  Yes, you are in the sales field, and although “selling” money is very easy, knowing the basics of sales is how to stand out from your peers and maximize your income.
    1. Prospecting – prospects can be found everywhere, including through simple conversations with current customers where you can learn information (pre-approach) on others that may need a home loan.  Write every name down in a ledger titled LEADS.  Ask your customers how you might be able to get in touch with the prospect and you will be surprised at how helpful they will be at getting in touch with them.
    2. Approach – develop a method on how to get in touch with the prospect such as a quick introduction and statement that you memorize to the point of fluidity so you do not even need to think when opening up dialogue.
    3. Demonstrate your service – offer your expertise and educate them on how to make a decision when it comes to their new mortgage.
    4. Cover their objections by asking questions and listening to them.  You will learn their hot buttons and how to cover their concerns during these few minutes of conversation.
    5. Ask for the business (Close) – make it simple and tell your prospect the first step to get started is to get their information in the form of an application.   How you are most comfortable on doing that is up to you, but I have always given my customers three ways to provide it.
    6. Get an appointment for the next call or face to face meeting.  At that time get pre-approach on who they know and start the cycle all over again.

2.  Work.  When you are at work, work.  You are paid as an employee to perform.  If you are putting in 8 hours a day then you should be working the 8 hours.  Most people do not realize but it takes 15 minutes to regain concentration following a distraction.  If you have only 2 distractions a day, that is about 30 minutes you will spend getting back into the “groove” of work.  Multiply that times 5 days, then a month, then a year and all of a sudden you have blown 130 hours re-focusing throughout the year.  That is a lot of time wasted on doing nothing.

3.  PMA – Positive Mental Attitude.  Look around you, what is the attitude or mindset of the people you come into contact with on a daily basis.  If you counted the people who you consider having a positive outlook on everything they approach, then you will find yourself in a unique category.   Positive thoughts on your day, the activities that you are doing, or even the circumstances that you are in will create not only good energy, but momentum that will be felt by everyone you come into contact with.  When is the last time you wanted to be around “Debbie Downer” or wanted to deal with someone who had a poor attitude that you could feel?   Positive thoughts and self talk are attractive and contagious.  You will help the whole office when you are positive, unless you are to the point of annoyance!

There is always something good about every situation. When you are working you prevent from being distracted by others and also poor attitudes cropping up.  Grass has never grown under the foot of an idle person, so always be prospecting and closing to gain more business.

Ten percent more effort tomorrow is easy, and likely to take your performance to the next level.





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